How to Stop Grinding Teeth

Being told you grind your teeth at night can take on the same defensive reaction as being told you snore, the answer usually is “No I don’t”. Maybe you say no, that can’t be me, I have never ground my teeth before. Grinding usually occurs at night so most people are not even aware that they do it.

Are You Grinding Your Teeth?

Some signs that you are grinding your teeth would be waking up with a headache, feeling jaw pain, hear a popping noise when opening your mouth or difficulty opening your mouth at all. You may also be experiencing behind the eye pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

Most of these symptoms can be attributed to other ailments. When talking to your doctor about these different symptoms it can charade as a sinus infection, sleeping wrong or stress at work or home.

What Are The Side Effects Of Jaw Clenching?

Severe jaw clenching can cause major damage and painful side effects. With repeated clenching you have repeated pressure on your jaw and teeth, this can lead to pressure fractures of the teeth and cause fillings to loosen or weak teeth to crumble or pain in healthy teeth. It can cause ear pain and pain in the neck and shoulders, in some cases hearing loss and the changing of the appearance of your face. You may also awake feeling tired or have a headache each morning and don’t know the reason.

Many suffers go on for years with painful symptoms and do not know that it is jaw clenching and teeth grinding, the elusive teeth grinding and jaw clenching can go undetected for many years until properly diagnosed. So just knowing what you have and what is causing your pain is the first step to your recovery.

TMJ Pain

What Causes This Problem?

Teeth grinding, Bruxism, clenched jaw are all other names for TMJ. TMJ is found to be present in people with anxiety, stress and high stress jobs. Then too it can also be due to an abnormal bite or crooked teeth.

Is Jaw Clenching Normal?

To some degree jaw clenching is normal, however, when repeatedly done while sleeping or awake it can cause serious side effects. Grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw is a very common problem that is otherwise known as TMJ. If the symptoms are a headache upon waking, a sore jaw, pain behind the eyes, and pain in healthy teeth, ear pain and sleepless nights you need to seek a treatment that really works and has no side effects.

A prescription of drugs to relax the body and jaw have side effects and interestingly enough a study was done on patients with pain on muscle relaxing drugs showed that only 5% of people suffering from TMJ or clenching of the jaw, while taking drugs or using night guard for teeth grinding find relief. The other 95% continue to wrestle with the problem for the rest of their lives.

Is There A Way To Stop Grinding Your Teeth?

There are many treatments available to stop grinding your teeth, however, most of these mask the problem by using muscle relaxants or nighttime mouth guard or other quick fix methods. Many visit their doctor for help and advice, but after listing their symptoms of constant headaches, feeling tired, jaw pain, ear pain and shoulder pain the doctor finds no reason for the headaches and ear pain.

One of the common diagnoses is as a possible sinus infection or for the neck and shoulder pain could be attributed to more stress at work. Not knowing that their pain is because of grinding of the teeth, not even the patient knows he does it.

Can Any Program Help You Stop Gritting Teeth?

For any program to work it has to address the root of the cause and it should have no bad side effects, it should not mask the problem but rather deal with the symptoms as an indication of a deeper issue. This program should also be able to show its track record of success from the people that it has helped live pain free. It should not prescribe such things as muscle relaxants or a nighttime mouth guard for sleeping. These are all temporary fixes and do nothing for the real problem accept mask it.

You must take your recovery into your own hands and research for yourself, do your homework to find a program that works before you buy into any plan. A reliable source for information is TMJ No More, there you can read real life experiences of people that found a holistic program that has finally made them pain free. You will read about many people finding a pain free life after traveling their long journey through pain. Read their testimonies about how this holistic approach really works and without the side effects that other programs or cures use.

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